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Scalability and flexibility are key, whether it’s transporting an envelope, a single container or managing a complete supply chain. In every customer relationship, across every sector, we make sure we add value and deliver outstanding customer experience. 

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Our Transport Solutions help your business maintain high levels of service and reliability, and gain full visibility into product movements. At the same time, we reduce your transportation costs. Our team will put together the ideal combination of systems, carriers and resources to meet your specific needs.


Taking the Complexity out of Customs Our Products & Solutions Sailvend Customs Duty Brokerage Services Customs Brokerage With over 100 years of experience, our US Customs Brokerage product includes seasoned professional staff, a strong compliance focus and the support of our global network of over 200 countries


Sailvend Warehousing with different Categories, Storage and Security of Parcel fees. Shared or Dedicated Warehousing & Goods Distribution Dedicated and shared operations Ambient and temperature-controlled facilities Green Storage, pick, pack and dispatch Delivery and returns management From storage of raw materials to consumables, spare parts and finished goods, Sailvend provides solutions


All-risks” shipment value protection with comprehensive coverage Single or multiple shipment coverage Competitive terms with no deductibles Tailor-made security services and risk analysis for warehousing and transportation Expertise and consultancy in all security-related areas (e.g. C-TPAT, CSI, AEO and NASP). We understand that certain shipments require more than just the standard



We want to ensure that it’s as easy as possible to use the site and to get your shipments moving, whether you’ve worked with us for years or are completely new to international shipping. For further assistance, please get in touch.


We stand out in our industry for delivering a personal service at a professional level and building strong relationships with each and every customer. If you want to work with your head and your heart, join our team and make the difference.


Sailvend recognizes the importance of digitization across the shipping industry. For that reason, we are continually focused on developing technology solutions adapted to our client’s needs. Our main goal is to offer our customers the best end-to-end experience, and we know that digital solutions are crucial elements to achieve it.


Promoting a sustainable business model that goes far beyond a “business as usual” approach, remaining true to its roots and its core family values, is our commitment.


Bringing you industry-specific expertise; whatever you’re shipping, wherever you’re shipping it. Sailvend delivers a professional, efficient service tailored to the specific needs of your business. Our services are designed around you.


Logistics network optimization is incomplete without integrating measurement, analysis, and feedbacks. When you deploy new strategies in the system, you need to measure the output. At Sailvend this is important to us as it intimates the success or failure its strategy.

Express Shipping

Express Delivery Services & International Shipping Cost Extra Charges for Fast Delivery
When you ship with Sailvend Express – you’re shipping with specialists in international shipping and courier delivery services! With our wide range of express parcel and package services, along with shipping and tracking solutions to fit your needs – learn how Sailvend Express can deliver!

Get expert shipping advice and customs support to prepare and manage your express shipments!

Shipping Advice !

Get the facts upfront from Express Delivery Experts.

Changes in fuel prices have resulted in increased overall costs for the transport industry, necessitating a variable fuel surcharge which may rise, fall or be removed, in line with movements in fuel prices.

Surcharges for Exceptional Activities
Sailvend Express is committed to providing customers with the best delivery service, which is why we are continuing to offer coverage to more parts of the world than any other company.
In order to maintain a consistently high level of service, Sailvend Express levies under given conditions a surcharge for exceptional activities. Sailvend Express regularly evaluates the level of these surcharges to reflect the changing costs associated with offering exceptional activities, and we strive to ensure these surcharges remain fair for our customers.

Guide to Shipping Dangerous Goods
Sailvend Express has significant experience in carrying Dangerous Goods. Learn more about conditions and regulations to ensure your shipments are fully compliant.
Shipping Dangerous Goods
Sailvend is an established carrier of Dangerous Goods and as a leading transportation and logistics company, Sailvend Express adheres to the following regulations:
IATA for air transport, applicable within all countries which work under the ICAO regulations and any airline under the IATA regulations
ADR for road transport, applicable within all countries that have adopted the ADR convention in their legislation and additionally within Europe, the EU directives concerning the transport of Dangerous Goods
Other applicable national legislation, depending on the origin, transit and destination of the shipment
If you are unsure about which regulations apply to you, please contact Customer Service.

Parcels can travel many thousands of miles through Sailvend sophisticated global network to reach their destinations. Sailvend does everything we can to ensure packages are always delivered on time and in great condition.
Packing your parcels with proper materials and care help ensure your shipments arrive safely and intact.
What's Best for What You're Shipping?
Quality packaging is key when it comes to preventing damage. Assessing your packing needs is an essential step to determine what’s best for the type of goods you wish to transport.

Key packing considerations Charges includes:
Weight, Cost, Regulations, Fragility.


What are the storage charges?

Storage charges are form of service fees for a rented storage space from a logistics service provider. The amount of charges depends on the weight of the goods, the storage space and the number of days or hours the goods are stored.

How are storage fees calculated?

Let’s say a fulfillment house charges $0.30 per cubic foot for storage, per hours. For one book, your fee would be 54/1728 x $0.30 = $0.009 per minutes. To store 1,000 copies of this book, your fee would be 54/1728 x $0.30 x 1000 = $9.38 per hour.

Our step-by-step forms help you easily understand what information is needed for customs-dutiable shipments. Sailvend quickly guides you through the creation of this all-important paperwork. Just select from the invoice options
Customs Paperwork – our step-by-step guide
Your customs-dutiable shipments must be accompanied by an invoice at all times. Choose the most suitable invoice option, Write to the Custom Service Email to, complete the form and get your invoice.
If you are sending a commercial shipment with a commercial value.
Commercial Invoice
If you are sending a commercial shipment with a commercial value but the cost of sending the shipment is being paid by anyone shipper or receiver.

Commercial Invoice with 3rd Party Billing
If you are sending a non-commercial shipment for a non-business purpose, for example, a personal gift, sample or faulty part, use the:

Proforma Invoice for Non-Business Purposes
Questions or Need Further Support? Contact Customer Service.

When transporting goods across international borders, shipments are subject to duties and taxes as determined by customs in the destination country.

Learn the fundamentals about duties and taxes to understand who pays and why.
Goods Purchased Online Or Ship From oversea
Goods Purchased Online for Personal Use

You may be charged customs duties and taxes for something purchased online because:
Duties and taxes are most typically not included in the price of the goods you purchase online, and might not be included in the overall shipping costs you pay to the online retailer.
When purchasing goods online, some or all of these goods may not originate in the country you reside in, therefore are subject to a customs duty, which is a tariff or tax imposed on goods when transported across international borders.
When goods are not shipped domestically (within your country) or within a single customs union, such as the European Union, you are liable to pay any inbound duties and taxes which your local customs authority deems appropriate.
To ensure the Sailvend courier can deliver your goods in shortest possible time after entering your country or customs union, Sailvend doesn`t pays the customs authority on your behalf for any duties and taxes that are due on the goods.
Once the duties and taxes are fully paid to Sailvend the goods will be delivered to you
What is payable, if anything, depends on where the goods are sent from, the type of goods, their transactional value and the weight of the package
When buying goods online, you should always check whether they are either being sent to your address from:
Your country
Another country
Outside your customs union country
Note: Different rules apply when buying goods for commercial use.
Gifts Bought Online or Ship Parcel.

Detailed Prohibited Items  Guide.

Sailvend is not liable for delay, loss, or damage to a shipment of any prohibited, perishable, hazardous, special care, or restricted items even if we provide approval for its transport. Shipper agrees to indemnify Sailvend for any and all costs, fees, and expenses Sailvend incurs as a result of the shipper's violation of any federal, state, or local laws or regulations or from tendering any prohibited item for shipment. Any items exceeding $50,000 in value require Sailvend approval prior to shipping. Shipments not approved by Sailvend prior to shipping will result in Sailvend not being held responsible to pay claims for loss or damage. For more information, contact a Sailvend Customer Representative.